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HG Akarshini Lakshmi devi dasi

I Anuradha Ambusta along with my family shifted from JNU campus to Katwaria Sarai in December 2008. Shri  Suresh Chawla pr Ji my neighbor encouraged and invited me for the congregation program for the very first time in September 2009 and I along with my family started going to Bace every Saturday, got inspired by HG Sarvapriya pr Ji, left onion/garlic and slowly started chanting 16 rounds of Japamala. This is how I got associated with Anterdwipa Bace.

 I got Harinaam Diksha by my Guru Maharaj HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj Ji on 30th January 2015 and become Akarshini Lakshmi Devi Dasi. I am thankful to HG Sarvapriya pr Ji who is my Shiksha guru & counselor he gave me Sewa of teaching kids at Vaikuntha Fun School, at Anterdwipa Bace. As by profession, I am a science teacher with a material qualification i.e.,,, M.Phil., B.Ed., along with two foreign languages (Russian & Italian from JNU).

But, after getting the spiritual knowledge I realized that this academic knowledge is not complete these are mere degrees, the actual knowledge is the knowledge of Krishna Consciousness.

Despite being very much occupied in my professional & domestic workload by the mercy of Guru & Gaurang I could keep a balance between spiritual & professional life.

I have two Ladoo Gopals and one Jugal Jodi of Radha Krishna. Younger Gopal Ji (Madan Mohan Ji) I got from my mother and elder Gopal Ji (Banke Bihari Ji) I got from my mother-in-law and Sri Radha-Parthsarathi jugal Jodi I got from my maternal grandmother(Nani Maa). I take care of these deities every day  Mangal Aarti, Bhoga offering, bathing & changing dresses everything... As my family members are into Krishna Consciousness so we have distributed our work in this Sewa also.

I get up early in the morning complete my 10-12 rounds in the morning, prepare Bhoga for the Lord, pack lunch for my kids, and leave my house at 7:25 am for my school.

While driving (both to & fro) I complete hearing which is part of Sadhana. After coming home I take lunch prasadam and complete my 16 rounds of Japa.

I am a disciplined person in real life so I didn't find any difficulty in following Krishna Consciousness. I believe if someone has strong determination in Krishna Consciousness and prays from the core of his/her heart, then Krishna helps him/her and makes the path of Bhakti very simple and smooth.

One more thing to add here is that if we send our Sadhana card to our superior without fail & we feel we are answerable to someone, then our determination becomes more strong & we progress in Krishna Conciousness.

Thus, one can easily manage spiritual & professional life without any obstacle.  

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HG Priya Puja devi dasi

I, Priya Pooja devi dasi, under the shelter of HH Gopala Krishna Goswami Maharaj and under the ashraya of Hg Sarvapriya Prabhuji.
   I got introduced into the ISKCON vedic culture 6 years ago through HG Baleshwar Priya Prabhuji. Accidentally my occupation at Delhi and into ISKCON was on same year.
     Though I was born in Hindu family my exposure to vedic culture was not so much.
 My higher education was far from my home and there was less chance to learn family dealings from my mother.

     But after being into ISKCON,by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, guru maharaja and my noble seniors I could learn and practice many things regarding what shastra expects from a women.First of all it broke my proud of being educated and earning woman. As a result of my senior devotees family association I could learn what is the role and responsibilities of a girl pre and post marriage.

  Since I have got the shift duties am not able  to follow a strict routine.But whenever it's possible I attend Mangala arati program at near by Hare Krishna centre,try to chant my rounds during early morning hours and try to attend weekly educational programs like Ashraya class, geethamrit class,Shrimad bhagavavatam class. On Sundays we have service at Navjeevan vihar Hare Krishna centre, and also other house programmes
      At hospital I try to maintain ISKCON culture / etiquette like I always wear Tilak,wish everyone as Hare Krishna,try to distribute prasadam and whoever interested in our scriptures try to explain them.Many of my colleagues calls me mataji at office also.

  So this is all happening by the mercy of guru maharaja and also of my husband. He always supports me and never impose anything which is not practical for me. He asks me to be simple and humble which attracts Krishna the most. I try to obey his instructions and try to keep in mind that being good wife to my husband is ultimate perfection of this life. I don't desire that I should be a great preacher or speaker should over ride my partner or I should be great female devotee infront of public.Before serving others I always remember I should not neglect my husband because he is also a Vaishnava and Krishna will be happy even by serving him.

I have learned that even though I am earning outside home but am subordinate to my husband.I try to do house hold activities like cooking and cleaning myself. Initially I had dominant nature( since I stayed alone for long time). But now I have learned that being subordinate to my husband is good for me because this nature will help us one day to realize we  are servant of Krishna.

 I try not to mix up my hospital issues with my family matters. I work at hospital in totally detached mood,not in a competitive mood,which is helping me to be relaxed and regarding personal and devotional life it has become almost same. Because we trying to add Krishna in every thing we do, so nothing seems personal without Krishna and His devotees.

I have just tried to share my experiences at my limited abilities. I haven’t achieved perfection in grahastha life. My journey has just started. I seek blessings of all the Vaishnavaa and vaishnavi’s so that I can stay in Prabhupada movement till my last breathe,and serve my guru and also becomes a good wife and mother to children.

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HG Chitra Sakhi devi dasi

1. I try to maintain my routine as per Srila Prabhupada’s guidelines by waking up in the early morning hours and chanting my rounds. I further perform some deity worship while listening to lectures. After this I am usually off to work (work from home these days). After returning from work I usually am engaged in any household chores or performing any specific preaching on going service that I might have. 
2. My Gurudev always makes it easy for me to strike a balance between work and spiritual life. He simply asks to dovetail whatever I am doing to Krishna. Like working for Krishna’s services, etc. This makes the day much easier and less frustrating thinking that I am not a full time devotee. It also gives opportunities to meditate on Krishna almost the entire day. Also to create balance, it is important to remember that the better we perform the minimum material duties that we need to, the more the time and peace we get to be in our spiritual activities. Always making the right choices by thinking if my decision will please Krishna or simple seeking guidance from your spiritual master or mentor makes it all the more easier. 
3. I strongly believe in the fact that the moment we start chanting well, we start contributing to the preaching mission. As this world needs more and more people with purified consciousness. Following the instructions of the spiritual master is yet another way to do this. 
On the instructions of my Srila Gurudev and my mentor I have been trying to engage myself in youth preaching activities in various parts of Delhi, especially to girls. As an active member of the youth community Yadukula, I try to assist in organising Bhagavad Gita discourses, seminars for aspiring spiritualists, yatras, cultural youth festivals, etc along with other active members of the community. This community is working under the supervision, guidance and blessing of my Srila Gurudev, Sriman Kratu Das Adhikari. 
Yadukula is aspiring to make spirituality more real and relatable to the youth these days so being a part of this community not only nourishes my own sadhana and bhakti as I get to be with multiple like-minded inspiring and active young sadhakas but also helps me make a contribution to this movement. 


HG Krishna Preyasi devi dasi

1.    I usually wake up early and start my day by completing my japa followed by some workout routine to make my day healthy and relax my mind. After this I am usually off to work or these days I am working from home. Sometimes during my free office hours, I listen few lectures and do extra japa rounds. After my working hours, I usually help my mother with some household stuff or engaged in some services that I might have. 

2    I strongly believe in the fact that maintaining a balance between work and spiritual life is really important being in grihastha life. My spiritual master and mentor make it so easy by saying that whatever we are doing the entire day we should do it and dedicate it to Krishna. So simple. It becomes so satisfying and easy which also gives me so many chances to remember Krishna throughout the day
Things I prefer to do:
a)    Personal Life: Usually play indoor games with my sibling and family, sometimes just cook new varieties/dishes for lordships, do yoga and basic workout, etc.
b)    Spiritual Life: It includes chanting my rounds, reading books and in between I add singing and practice various Vaishnava bhajans and kirtans.   
c)    Professional Life: It includes my organizational work, meetings, presentations work, etc.

3    If the question arises about contributing to society by Krishna consciousness, my mind always tells me the quote that “to see the faults in other things, one need face the mirror and practice on themselves first. Hence, I work on spiritual life and try to follow my Gurudev’s instructions and completes my rounds and then whatever I learn from that gradually discuss with my friends, siblings which helps me to remember those things and side by side I added a positive thing a consciousness in their life by an act of preaching. 
I encourage them about activities and cultural programs like spiritual trips, youth festivals, different courses, seminars led by senior devotees of our family, spiritual games, books distribution, etc. we perform in YADUKULA and tell them to be a part of it. 
One of the best ways to motivate householders and youth is by genuinely recognizing their contribution to ISKCON. It is our duty to guide those who are earnestly involved in accepting and propagating Krishna consciousness and engage them according to their talents and the needs of the movement.

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HG Vrinda Sevika devi dasi

I am a disciple of HH Kratu Maharaj who is a beloved disciple of Srila Prabhupada. My name is Vrinda and I have been fortunate enough to be a part of ISKCON since a few years, and without doubt I can say that it's the best thing ever happened to me. I understand this may come across as a saccharine statement to many people but the truth remains the same.

Spirituality is seen with a lot of scrutiny and this word has been tossed here and there according to one's convenience and preferences. I am not ashamed to say that even I would have been part of that rat race had I not been associated with the reality of spirituality. I am a Counseling psychologist by profession and take many cases on regular basis. An individual reaches out for therapy if there is something that's bothering them mentally and emotionally -- now the common cause mostly for this is - overthinking, anxiety, stress, fear of known/unknown and many more. The most common being - lack of happiness, love and smooth relationships. Everybody is search of love and happiness. This is what it comes down to. And the interventions we usually use as therapists is self awareness, elimination of irrational thoughts and beliefs that the mind tricks one into. In Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna has spoken about all the aspects of human emotions - agitation, fear, anger, anxiety, obsession, etc. There is also a detailed discussion between Arjuna and Lord Krishna on the nature of the mind -- which is extremely hard to control. But through correct practice and process mind can become one's friend. And there are many more examples I can think of.

As a part of my daily routine, I engage in mantra meditation by practicing 16 rounds minimum that sets a fixed routine for me. Ideally I prefer this early morning because that's when the mind is extremely fresh and tender that it's easier to mold into a pure conscious state which in fact helps me to have a productive day at work and makes me feel satisfied in my personal relationships and interactions. For me to help people deal with their miseries, I must have a strong emotional bank balance and a steady mind which all comes from an infinite strong source of hearing and reading lectures by pure devotees which makes me steady on my path of self realisation. So my day generally looks like reading, hearing and chanting - which I try to practice rigorously. Other than that I love interacting with people, I take out time to write, and engage in physical workout.

For me spiritual life has been the foundation of my personal and professional life. At the end of the day, I am just a human being who falls down at times, deals with challenges and feels low at times -- because life's got all kinds of challenges. But what helps me get back up is the spiritual consciousness. The reason behind that is we are all spiritual beings going through temporary experiences -- and they will come and go, but what remains unchanged is our identity. The best part about our community that was created by Srila Prabhupada is engaging in services along with devotees. So there are programs and festivals that I really look forward to. So every weekend we gather literally to have a party where everyone just relishes Kirtana, Katha and magnanimous feast. It's really a nourishment for the soul.

Being part of these services is the best thing. It's like using our mere talents in the service of God! Who thought it would be so much fun?! We engage in distribution of books that would help people in clarifying their doubts, we design interesting social media posts, conduct weekly Bhagavd Gita classes for the youth and brainstorming seminars for youngsters.

One must know that the central point of practicing bhakti or devotional service is to overcome one's false ego, and this is what we are trained to deal with by respecting everyone, being humble, tolerant and loving towards others. This leaves no space for discrimination of any kind -- which I believe is what the need of the hour is. The world needs to be preached that "every living entity is a residing place of the Lord" (SB). Hence, there is no need to exploit an animal, a human coming from any race, gender, caste or country. When one practices spirituality in its true spirit, one feels compassionate towards everyone.

HG Anangamayi mj.jpeg

HG Anangamayi devi dasi

I did masters in computer applications and used to work as a software professional with a multinational company in gurgaon before my marriage. So I did continue the same after marriage too and was spiritually initiated after 2 years of my marriage. In the morning me and my husband used to attend our ashraya class, the centre was on our way to work so after the class we used to leave for office. Since I had to travel daily from Delhi to gurgaon and back home in the evening, my commute time was around 3-4 hours. I used that time for chanting and complete around 10-11 rounds. Then after coming back home I used to do the dinner bhoga offering to the Lord. Then after dinner I used to chant my remaining rounds. 
Now I am a mother of two kids. So for time being I have left my job considering my priorities towards my kids and spiritual life.

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HG Anand Radha devi dasi

Around 10 years back, we started attending ISKCON classes and
from then onwards, devotional services became a part of our life, We are trying our best to follow the Prabhupadá instructions. There are many a things I personally learnt during our association. The Role of a woman in the society and how to maintain a balance between family and professional life. Prabhupada said “A women's real business is to look after household affairs, keep everything neat and clean.” So I to try to spend more time and give attentions to my family. I read scriptures and whatever little I gain I try to teach my children, make palatable prasadam for Lord Krishna and try to give only prasadan to them. 

Prabhupada said Husband should be the servant of Lord & wife should be the maid servart of husband. Now a days women are very independent but still I try to focus on this point and assist my husband in carrying out devotional services. As a soul we have to serve lord Krishna, this the main business, so whatever small services I get I put my best efforts to complete it. 

Although we as a women are having a lot of personal & professional commitments, but after having lord Krishna and prabhupada in our lives, we are saved from a lot of difficult problems

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HG Aradhita Yashoda devi dasi

My day normally starts at 5 am but in festivals/Ekadashi/Sundays I wake up at 3.30 am. First I do Mangal aarti at home and then I start preparing bhoga for Lord Krishna. I rush up to send both my kids Bhishmak(9 years old) and Gaurangi(6 years old) to school and to pack their lunches and to get ready for the school etc.

Then I do my household activities like cleaning, washing clothes etc. While doing these daily routine I always make sure to listen the lectures of ISKCON Devotees and kirtan. This audio listening is very important part of my life as without it I don’t feel comfortable in doing activities. After completing all these activities I complete my 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra Chanting.

Our atmosphere at home is totally spiritual. We have a big altar at our home and also a small altar for my kids. While preparing bhoga I make it compulsory that I listen to lectures or Kirtan. We have a chanting box from which Hare Krishna Mahamantra comes for 24 hours. We have a good collection of Srila Prabhupada’s books also at home. 

I try to teach both my kids basic Vaishnava etiquettes like Vaishnava Pranam, offering food to Lord Krishna, avoiding outside eateries,no tea or coffee etc. Both of them started enjoying their spiritual life. Till now they have learned Vaishnav Bhajan like Jai Jaganaath Sachirnandan, Sri Krsna Caitanya prabhu etc. They enjoy narasimha Aarti,Tulasi Aarti, Guru Puja while singing and dancing.

I feel immense satisfaction when I see that my whole family wants to serve in the big mission of Srila Prabhupada. I did not get very much time for reading. I have a strong desire to read all the Srila Prabhupada’s books. I pray to Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi for that. Srila Prabhupada’s blessings and Gururdeva’s mervy motivates me to balance between my spiritual life and mateiral life. Me with my Husband’s support try to associate everything with Krishna either it be a trip,games art.

I have even joined to Bhakti Shastra course for better scriptural understanding and to increase my love for Lord Krishna. We make sure to go to temple atleast once in a week. Everyone enjoys a lot there and it is an important part of our life. I try to cook everything at home and then offer it to Krishna so that we get minimal of outside food as it pollutes our consciousness.

During book distribution, I try to distribute books along with my kids. We go to CP, Hanuman mandir, Paharganj,Main Bazar etc. Even I have a service to organize a summer camp in our area during summer vacations along with other devotees. Story telling, learning verse from Bhagavad Gita, teaching dance to them are some of my insignificant services towards the mission. 

Recently three of us(kids and me) have done Gundica Mandir Majin at home and itnwas learning come fun activity. I try to expose them spiritually as much as I can like association of devotees and their importance. Its my immense desire to give just one life to Srila Prabhupada and being his servants servant. I pray to Goswamis and Acharyas to bless me so that I can get a pinch of their spiritual life and eternal love for Lord Krishna. 

Just wanted to serve my gurudev and Srila Prabhupada till my last breath. 


Puja Mataji

How I joined ISKCON?
Hare Krishna 
I am Pooja Kumari from Lado Sarai, I feel that I am so fortunate because I have got the opportunity to connect with Srila Prabhupad's family(ISKCON family). 
 I have done my graduation from DU after that d.el.ed from Amity and B.Ed from MDU.  I almost completed my studies in Delhi itself.

   I joined ISKCON in the last months of 2015 that is December during book distribution. The two main reasons are Prabhupad's books and prasadam.

Condition of women at ISKCON
 I have seen here at ISKCON that lots of respect is given to women. All the girls or ladies are addressed as Matajis. but at the same time we see that a person who is not a devotee treat women as an object. For them women are just to be enjoyed. Our Shastras say that a woman must take a shelter and we see here good examples of Grihastha devotees. All Mataji participate in devotional services and preach very well. There is discrimination in our society but KC society is far from all types of discrimination. Matajis live a happy life in KC movement because they get love, respect, shelter and a blissful life.

How do I feel in KC as a woman?
As I said before that I am so fortunate that I am the member of ISKCON family. Here I get the chance to improve myself, my skills and talents and I use them in preaching. Whatever I learn from my teaching Guru I cultivate that. He motivates us, guides us and educates us which help us in handling every kind of situations and obstacles in bhakti as well as material life and I also get the chance to  contribute a little bit in congregation preaching. Devotees Association is best Association ever because Krishna is in centre of every work and thus no problems remain.
All the matajis love each other, give respect to each other and also help each other in services inspite of different belongings, ages, cast, creeds and financial statuses.

How I manage material life and spiritual life?
It is very easy to manage the KC life and material life, we just have to follow a discipline in our day to day activities. As our teaching Guru often tell us, we should live a sandwich life-  morning and evening devotional services and in between other services which are necessary for our survival. Along with this we always have to be in a prayful mood. It gives us strength to overcome every kind of situation. Everything is possible by the mercy of Guru and Gauranga.
Thank you 

priya mmj.jpeg

Priya Mataji

Hare Krishna 
First of all I'll say I feel myself very safe and secure at ISKCON. As we all know and we have also seen around us many religious organisations which are not at all safe for women, their they get molested and harrased on the name of religion.
But ISKCON is far far away from any such things. Every lady here either she is a little girl or some elderly women....every one is called as 'Mataji' which symbolises that the persona calling you mataji will see you as his/her mother so there's no question of even evil eyes on girls. So yes, ISKCON is very safe for me and for every women.
Secondly I would say Srila Prabhupad, Founder of ISKCON never made any difference between men and women. He was such a pure soul and he knew the truth that this is only the body which makes someone a man or a woman, where at the soul level everyone is same. But still just considering to the society, he made some rules like Matajis couldn't do deity worship at the main temple...but again I'll say this is just for the sake of society and some norms we have to follow being a part of society.
But apart of this, we have many many other  services to do...we can make garland for the lord, we can cook for Lord and not only this..but we can even be a preacher and spread the name of Lord..there are no restrictions for women in such activities...we only need eligibility and qualification and gender is of course not a part of that.
It sometimes become a bit difficult for some ladies to manage their spiritual activities as well as their family when she is the only devotee and rest are not, in such cases, as we have heard from our guru she should take best care of her family and should not leave any chance for complaints and along with that she should also spare some time for her sadhna...if she does so... Krishna will definitely bestow his mercy upon her and her family. And when the whole family is a devotees then this obstacle also gets subsided automatically.
So at last I would say...either you are male or should just join ISKCON as soon as possible. 

komal mj.jpeg

Komal Mataji

how I joined ISKCON
Hare krishna! I'm Komal from lado sarai . I have completed my diploma in Architecture Assistantship ( AA) from MBIT, ND and pursuing B.arch from IIA .
I joined ISKCON in 2015 . When I'was in 2nd year of my college . I had some distribance in my life due to my college work and people behaviour towards me. I had lots of questions about  Why this things happens with me? I was not fully satisfied with my life, missing something that I don't know what? But I want to study some spritual book. But I did not get. And one day I attend the lecture of HG Rasraj prabhuji in our BACE. It's give me lots of satisfaction and clear lot of doubts and then first book that I read was  Hare krsna challenge. In which given lots of satisfied answers of my doubts.
The attraction towards delicious prasadm and merciful devotees was play's a great role to connected with iskcon.


Condition of women at ISKCON
In iskcon , no discrimination between any person in the basis of  any religion, gender, color etc. Giving respect to all women by calling them mataji. Srila prabhupada was so mercy full and humble to all. He gave opportunity to take the knowledge of sastra( Vedas) through his books. 


How I feel in krsna concious as a woman?
I feel very fortunate to have  ISKCON devotees association. and chance to know about the Lord Krishna by the grace of Srila Prabhupada. So I feel so gland to be a part of ISKCON family , that perch the knowledge of holy scriptures very scientifically. It was necessity of life, without KC life will be a hell.

How I manage material life and spiritual life?
By following a schedule for  Mangal arti and sadhna then do all other activities like study and all.. 16 round chanting giving me a lot of power to do all activities effectively in spiritual life as well as material life. I like festivals celebration in iskcon most. Doing cleaning, cooking, decoration etc for the guru and gauranga.

mahima mj.jpeg

Mahima Mataji

How I Joined ISKCON
Hare Krishna
I am Mahima Saxena, basically belongs to Rewa (M.P) and currently living at Lado sarai Delhi. I have done my B.E from Govt. Engineering college Rewa (M.P) and M.Tech from SLIET, Sangrur ( Punjab).
I came to know about ISKCON in detail from Madhva's Rock Band in Oct 2018. Before that i only visited the ISKCON temple in Juhu Mumbai. In dec 2018 by Krishna's mercy one Brahmachari came to me and offer me Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. After that I started regular visit to ISKCON Temple in Govindpuri Delhi and start reading more and more books by Shrila Prabhupada. In July 2019 by  Krishna's and Shrila Prabhupad ji mercy i got an opportunity to join ISKCON Lado sarai Base center. Reason for joining the ISKCON is Shrila Prabhupad ji's teachings.
Condition Of Women at ISKCON
In this short duration of time, i have seen ISKCON Society give lot of respect to the women. Not only women, here both men and women give respect to each other, men are addressed as Prabhujis and women as Matajis. From here I understood the real position of women in the family and society  which is completely misleading in outer materialistic society. According to the scriptures they teach us how both men and women are equally responsible for better society, both have to play their individual role in the family  and society and which is equally important. But it is very sad to say in non devotee society, in the name of equal status between men and women, majority of people try compete on negative side of society. 
How do I feel in KC as woman?
I am very fortunate to be a member of ISKCON society where i learned the real value and purpose of this human life. The lectures from the Guru's give me guidance to live my day to day life beautifully with krishna consiousness. All the matajis are very helpful and support me to progress in bhakti. Here all enjoy equal status as devotees irrespective of their cast, age, education and financial status.
How I manage material life and spiritual life? 
By following disciplined life it is very easy to manage material life and spiritual life . I fix a particular time in a day for spiritual practice and remaining time in a day for other necessary work. I perform my all work by keeping Krishna in my mind and it give me happiness and also strength and confidence to deal with the adverse situation of my life. What i feel is when you truly want to serve Krishna then Krishna will arrange every thing for you. But it doesn't mean that i will ignore my duties, i have to done my all duties but in krishna consiousness.
Thank you

deepika 2.jpg

Deepika Mataji

First of all I want to say that I feel very fortunate  to be associated with ISKCON devotees.  Being a woman I feel very safe here among all the pure devotees of Lord Krishna and Shri mati Radha Rani.  All male devotees pay respect to all female devotees, they see women as their mothers whether they are small kids or young or old women so there is no question for women to feel insecure in ISKCON.  On the other hand, we all have heard people somewhere saying that women are not eligible for spiritual life or they are just emotional beings.  And being emotional is not practical for the spirituality, but here at ISKCON I have seen and realized that there is no discrimination between men and women on the basis of intelligence.  Here I want to add some words of Srila Prabhupada, once someone asked Srila Prabhupada what is the status of women in Vedic culture and he asked that person that you please tell me if Krishna is the master of the whole creation.  So who has the Ministry of Education in the creation created by him?  - Saraswati, who has the Ministry of Defense?  - Durga ji, who has the finance ministry?  - Lakshmi ji.  So Prabhupada ji said that these are all important ministries, they are given to women, so definitely women hold a high position in Vedic culture and also in ISKCON.  Therefore, we can see that Prabhupada never discriminated between men and women.  Here women do more and more services.  But there are some physical differences between men and women and on the basis of them we have to discriminate but it is confined only to the physical level, but devotion is at the level of the soul, so these physical differences are mortal. Now coming to the next point which is concern of every  woman  how can we balance our spiritual and physical life?  I would like to say that ISKCON does not completely obligate anyone to give up our duties towards our family, rather it teaches us to serve others, care for and how to live an ideal grihastha life.  which is helpful in our devotion and how we can consciously perform our duties which is very important.  So we women can perform our duties as well as do devotion like chanting hari naam while cooking or listening lectures , singing bhajan doing other things, serving and worshiping the Deities etc. So, definitely  People whether they are men or women do not need to have any kind of doubt about ISKCON in their mind

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