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Dr. Novy Gupt ( Mother of Adivtya Sambhav).jpeg

Dr. Novy Gupte
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Army College of Medical Sciences, & Base Hospital New Delhi

VFS is engaged in imparting spiritual and cultural training to young minds. As parents, we have observed that their methodology of training is holistic and young children are very receptive to their advice. 
The online classes from VFS turned out to be a boon for children in every way especially during the difficult times on account of lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. The students are nurtured via paintings, craft works, yoga, non-fire cooking activities, stories, quizzes, etc.  They can feel the holistic & caring gestures of the teachers. Thumbs up for their exceptional qualities of head & heart.

Ms. Ruchika Ahuja ( Mother of Sanvi _ Yashvi).jpeg

Ruchika Ahuja
Head of Operations & Finance
University of Pennsylvania

I would love to express my feelings of gratitude for the wonderful spiritual programs organized by the Vaikuntha Fun School to teach the kids Krishna Consciousness in a genuine, authorized way that is naturally transcendental based on the ‘Bhagavad Gita As It Is’.  It is my greatest pleasure that my kids are a part of this spiritual school for the past few years.  
The teachers at the VFS are extremely talented.  They impart real values of life to the kids and these values are based on our invaluable scriptures.  The spiritual development of our children is the motto of this school and I personally feel that this is the need of the time as it would help in grooming the character of our children and would also help in reforming the future life of our kids.  
I must appreciate the effort of each and every teacher at the VFS since I feel that in today’s materialistic world, where people have only personal vested interests, these teachers ardently work very hard and invest a lot of their valuable time and efforts to inculcate the spiritual culture in our children in a very innovative manner.  The kids get to know about the Supreme Lord, His incarnations, His pastimes and all this happens at this school in the form of dance, drama, art, and craft, story-telling, and sumptuous delicious prasadam to awaken their dormant connection with Radha Krishna.  The way the teachers have designed the curriculum is highly commendable.  
I sincerely hope that this precious program of VFS should spread to different parts of the country so that the dream of Srila Prabhupada may be fulfilled.  My girls always anxiously look forward to the new sessions of VFS with a lot of enthusiasm.  

Ms. Monika Sharma(Mother of Naysa).jpeg

Monika Sharma
Civil Engineer
Adorn Designs

My daughter Naysa Sharma initially joined VFS for story classes and then she was introduced to life classes. These classes have surely improved the quality of life in Naysa. These classes have also increased her control of anger. She has become more patient, confident and now she easily connects well with people around her. I recommend everyone to join VFS and see how it changes their child’s perspective toward life. I extend my heartiest thanks to all the wonderful teachers for being such good spiritual mentors to guide my child towards the right path in life.

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