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Vansh Verma

Age, 12 years

Vaikuntha fun school is a very great platform to learn our culture. It’s from here only I have learned about our vedic culture. I got to know our traditional culture and the real meaning of dharma as per scriptures, which I did not know earlier .After joining VFS I have gained a lot of vedic knowledge which is very interesting as well as informative With the help of such good teachers and activity based learning, it has become very easy to understand our traditional vedic culture which is full of treasures. It’s because of the learnings imparted here that I got to know about who the Supreme Lord is? , His great devotees, and His Incarnations. Our teachers told us the importance of chanting and praying. Now, I love to do chanting daily. It keeps me calm and relieved. I want to continue with Vaikuntha Fun School because through this school, I can offer my services to Lord Krishna. I am very glad that I got an opportunity to enroll in this Vaikuntha Fun School.    
Hare Krishna!!!!!

Hinal Kalra

Age, 8 years

My name is Hinal and I am 8 years old. I joined Vaikuntha Fun School a few months back during lockdown. I felt so interested after attending the initial classes that now I eagerly wait for the classes. 
Our Vaikuntha School has imparted the knowledge about various pastimes and avatars of Lord Krishna, knowledge of Vedas, yuga timelines, Bhagavad Gita shlokas and much more with lots of fun and activities.
Learning becomes fun as we do it all by using art and craft, flameless cooking, drawing, puppet making activities. I learnt applying Vaishnava tilak, dressing deities, making and offering bhoga to the Lord at home. 
I am very happy to be a part of VFS and I also enjoyed the 
‘FUN n LEARN’ summer camp very much. 
Our mata jis are always smiling and helping us.
Hare Krishna

Pia Kumar

Age, 10 years

I very well recall the first online class of Vaikuntha Fun School (VFS), where I had experienced an exceptional atmosphere of addressing Teachers as Mataji and Prabhuji. The whole learning experience gets changed by this newer way of addressing which brings in love, close bonding and fearless interaction as seen in one’s own family.
The class normally starts with a 'Bhajan', followed by 'Hare Krishna' Maha Mantra and 'Mangalacharan' mantra, which is effortlessly recited by little Krishna devotees and it’s a pleasant experience to dive into this newer world.
The usual distinct qualities of VFS as compared to other classes is its uniqueness of conducting fun activities for imparting spiritual teachings and stories which are easy to learn and remember.
Apart from fun activities like art and craft, there are spiritual learnings through yoga, shlokas/mantras recitation along with its meaning and most importantly knowing the true stories from epic Hindu literatures such as 'Ramayana', 'Mahabharata' and the peerless book of wisdom 'Srimad Bhagavad Gita'. The little ones are also trained to prepare bhoga, deity decoration, garland making etc. which brings in a good level of confidence to celebrate special days at one’s own house.
I along with my 7 years old brother feel blessed to be part of Vaikuntha Fun School and also thank my friend and her family for introducing us to such an Institution and we eagerly await every week to join these classes and gain a better understanding of our Hindu Culture and its uniqueness. 
My humble regards to ISKCON, Mata jis and Prabhu jis of VFS for their great efforts in bringing our own tradition closer to us.
Hare Krishna.

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