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Our approach is love and care that nourishes character

At Vaikuntha Fun School, children of various age groups ranging from 5-14 years are taught in such a manner that captivates the interest of these young learners. The entire curriculum is based on the teachings mentioned in various timeless scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, etc. The depth of knowledge and wisdom that is hidden in these invaluable scriptures is taught by following an activity-based approach to keep the monotony away. Activities namely art, craft, dance, drama, storytelling, etc are designed according to age and all the children involved in them to ensure proper learning and retention. Not just learning but reinforcement is also taken care of by conducting various quizzes and games. From time to time Summer camps and Winter carnivals are organized offline as well as online so that more and more children can avail the benefit of these transcendental teachings and emerge as good human beings.

It has rightly been said that learning is of no value if it is not applied. Following this principle, the children are given innumerable opportunities to practice what they learn at VFS. After certain intervals, the elder children are made to assist young children while they perform activities like flameless cooking, craft, etc. On special occasions like Gaur Purnima, Ram Navami, etc Shobha Yatras are organized in the temple premises wherein all the children dress up as special characters and do enactment in dramas and plays. There is no doubt in the fact that love and affection keep everyone united, so the last Sunday of every month is celebrated as the birthday of all the children whose date of birth falls in that particular month. All the children collectively watch spiritual movies, cut cake, and share delicious snack Prasadam with each other to spread joy and happiness around.

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